October 12, 2015

Become a Member

As a Member of ONCE, you will have access to the largest network of B2B practitioners in the World, as well as having a forum to meet and discuss issues relevant to Global B2B e-Commerce with the people that do that business every day. You will also have the opportunity to be a voice in meetings, committees, workshops and projects that set the direction and embrace the global standards for conducting electronic commerce.

ONCE is the only organization that is a repository of thought leadership, transactional business data, best practices and B2B industry information in the world. Through its Advocacy Program, ONCE provides outreach for its Members to the Research Analyst and Investment Communities, as well as educational and promotional activities to enterprises, to help grow understanding and adoption of the products and services of its Members. This collective effort of our Members makes ONCE a very strong and compelling voice that cannot be replicated by any company alone.

Through their collaborative work and dedication to purpose, ONCE Members benefit from shared knowledge, experience, and resources thereby enabling them to accelerate the development of applications, standards, processes and B2B education.

ONCE is the world`s largest alliance of leading electronic trading networks and marketplaces that connect:

  • Buyers
  • Suppliers
  • Marketplaces
  • Vendors
  • Services and Technology Companies
  • Standards Organizations

ONCE is an open forum for consensus and cooperation among members to:

  • Exchange ideas and benchmark with peers
  • Meet current and prospective business partners
  • Develop best practices
  • Avoid common pitfalls
  • Showcase best technology and practices

ONCE is your advocate to forward Global e-Commerce by:

  • Letting your customers know what critical services ONCE Members provide to businesses everyday
  • Educating the media, research institutes, public, policymakers, and academia on how B2B e-Commerce is really practiced day in and day out
  • Providing a forum to debate and create policies, practices and technical standards


Benefits of ONCE Membership

Connect ONCE.  As a ONCE member, you have immediate access to:

Business Network

  • Top level management of all ONCE Members
  • Annual Global Meeting
  • Regional Meetings

Information Services

  • Online library
  • Trading directory
  • Collaborative forum
  • News about B2B e-Commerce and ONCE Members
  • Insight reports, surveys, studies
  • Industry white papers

Education Services

  • Global Executive Summits
  • Workshops and Webinars

Initiatives and Programs

  • Advocacy Program
  • Knowledge Capture
  • Working groups
  • Member projects
  • Pilot programs


Value of ONCE Membership

Do it ONCE.  By becoming a ONCE member, you can collaborate with your peers and expand your relationships with other Marketplace Operators, Suppliers, Customers and Vendors to gain a competitive advantage.

Your organization can:

  • Rapidly network and build connectivity with hubs, marketplaces and service providers
  • Increase revenues through expanded business services offerings of others
  • Become known and recommended by the Research Analyst Community
  • Develop Service Level Agreements, Privacy and Security Policies at a lower cost
  • Access shared knowledge, transactional data and information not otherwise available
  • Access best practices through market-leading research, education, and media programs
  • Leverage cost-effective pilots and programs
  • Co-develop cost effective solutions

ONCE Membership Levels:

Tier ONE Membership

Tier TWO Membership