October 15, 2015

Tier TWO Membership

Member companies in this category are public and private exchange or Marketplace operators and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with annual income less than $100 Million (USD) , Marketplace suppliers and customers of any size who use Marketplaces as part of their business channel with their customers and suppliers. The Tier 2 Membership level is $8000.

Member Benefits

  • Participation for any number of member company representatives at all events, conferences and workshops, all of which are designed to create an open forum for the exchange of ideas and the evolution of electronic trading practices.
  • Association voting privileges by one designated representative per Member Company.
  • Right to stand for election to the Executive Council, the Management body of ONCE , which provides oversight, policy and strategic direction for growth of the organization.
  • Members` Only access to on-line documents, guidelines, best practices, research information and other educational materials.
  • Participation in Committees and working groups with specific agendas and areas of expertise, including standards, marketing, security, interoperability, business services and membership development.

Participation in all joint development programs conducted by the association, including co-funded research, proof of concept pilots, and development of standards.