Our Mission

Network - Advocate - Respond

The Mission of ONCE is to provide marketplace operators, their suppliers and customers, service providers and others dedicated to B2B e-Commerce, a collaborative forum to advance global trade, while being the leading authority and advocate for its Members on issues affecting international electronic commerce. An “on demand” organization dealing with the common issues of its Members as they arise and when there is a need, ONCE is focused on responding to its Members by creating standard solutions that enable the acceleration and growth of online trade.

ONCE members don`t just participate in the growth of global B2B e-Commerce, they enable it by facilitating hundreds of thousands of electronic transactions and business services daily. Don`t just be a part of history – help shape it!

The Leading Authority on International B2B E-Commerce

marketplace operators, customers, vendors, technology and service providers

The Open Network for Commerce Exchange (ONCE) is an independent non-profit industry membership organization devoted to facilitating and accelerating the growth of global B2B e-commerce.

ONCE is a consortium of marketplace operators, customers, vendors, technology and service providers, and organizations, working collaboratively to advance global internet trade to the benefit of its Members.

As the leading authority on international B2B e-commerce, ONCE is the advocate for its Members to not only shape the future of online trade, but to define it.

An 'on demand' organization, ONCE responds to the needs of its Members, as they arise and when there is a need for a common forum to solve those issues.


ONCE Leadership

Chris Welsh
CEO of OFS Portal
G. Hampton Wall, Jr.
Vice President
CEO of Traxtech
William Le Sage
Principal of Sapientes Partners LLC
Mimi Stansbury
SVP of Finance & Admin. at OFS Portal
Stephan Albers
Board Member
CEO of Prodexa
Louis Hendriks
Board Member
Managing Dir. of Global Value Web
Markus Quicken
Board Member
CEO of SupplyON AG

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