Global Value Web Presents at GBX InnoLabs

London, May 18th 2016 – Global Value Web, the value chain enabling company, is crossing the bridge between commercialization and R&D of life-science companies with their participation at the GBX InnoLabs Leaders Summit, May 18 and 19, 2016 in London, UK.

The purpose for the Summit is to bring together prominent leaders from both academia & pharma to mindshare, benchmark and exchange cutting-edge innovation to harmonize all data formats to surpass and transcend the quality across the laboratory.

Louis Hendriks, Global Value Web’s Managing Director, presented the case for value stream collaboration from the big R, via the big D to the big C, showing the tip of the iceberg on value creation through collaboration across the extended global value chains. His first focus is on creating awareness on the value of sharing global specifications and laboratory methods.


Global Value Web will contribute to this life-sciences industry collaboration by participating in industry standards definitions (specs & methods) via the Allotrope standards body.

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About Global Value Web

Global Value Web (GVW) is a supply chain enabling company, which deals with supply chain related operational improvements in global supply chains of oil & gas, chemical and pharmaceutical/life-sciences companies.

GVW executes parts of information and knowledge intensive processes on behalf of its customers, providing better, more accurate information, and therefore making our customers global supply chains more reliable. We help our customers better serve their customers.