“One of our 2017 targets is to increase our overseas market activity”

January 21, 2017 (purchasingturkiye.com) – Promena has maintained its market leadership with innovative solutions such as e-procurement and e-procurement in the sector since 2001 in the field of procurement, which has become one of the strategic capabilities of the companies. Zer Inc. Assistant General Manager Ahmet Mithat Dalyan summarized Promena’s 2017 targets as expanding its service network by introducing new models and increasing its efficiency in the international market.

As Promena, you are addressing the purchasing departments of companies since 2001. Are you talking about the services you offer your customers?

Especially since the beginning of the 2000s, global competitiveness has put pressure on production costs and profitability of companies in different industries. For this reason, especially the purchasing function has become one of the most strategic capabilities of the companies. Promena was founded in 2001 to meet these requirements and to provide technological solutions to the purchasing concept.

Currently Koç Holding is a subsidiary of Zer Merkezi Hizmetler ve Ticaret A.Ş. We are continuing our activities in the world. We are Turkey’s first brand in our sector. With our innovative solutions such as e-procurement and e-procurement, we have established the “Strategic Purchasing Solutions” market in our country and we are still continuing our market leadership in this sector.

We offer web based solutions such as e-procurement, e-procurement, which appeal to companies’ purchasing departments. Procurement professionals can manage procurement categories, supplier portfolios, bid collection and e-procurement processes on Promena. The supplier companies that are invited through the system to the procurement processes are connected to the platform and transmit their proposals, information and documents to the procurement departments digitally.

In our systems, we are able to carry out proposal gathering processes on daily, one-time or spot purchasing issues, as well as very large investment type procurement projects. We also provide e-procurement advice to our customers, especially in large procurement projects. In this regard, we aim to optimize the cost advantage by determining the right tender strategies in the right type of procurement.

Are you talking about the processes of running projects with your business partners?

Companies can manage all procurement processes from our systems and they can also get consultancy service from our company on the projects they need. Especially in the projects we provide consultancy, our consultants analyze the demands and needs of the customers firstly with the need of purchasing. After this work, we decide with the procurement professionals in the procurement and procurement strategies. We then manage the project through digitalization of the procurement and through our process platform until the cost analysis and finalization of the project.

Why should brands choose you? What are the advantages of the firm?

The use of digitalization and technology in corporate processes is becoming increasingly inevitable. We also live in an era that we can call mobile revolution. We offer a high security and robust technology service that is flexible, easy to access and accessible from mobile devices to the purchasing authorities and supplier companies who use this system.

At the point where we come today, our customers have carried over a total of 6 billion TL of purchasing volume to our system every year. In addition, as a number of transactions, more than 5 thousand projects in which our procurement process and procurement counseling are carried out in our system annually are realized.

We also see our experience in large investment projects and our experience and cost advantages that can trigger new investment decisions by companies. In addition, with the daily purchasing process moving to digital media, our customers are switching to a reportable platform where they can remove all paperwork, archiving and e-mail traffic and digitally track all their processes.

What are your 2017 strategies as Promena?

Since the day we were founded, we are improving our services to create demand on the market by anticipating innovative solutions to appeal to the purchasing function and presenting new value propositions to our customers. Since the last year, we are completely renewing our system with our ongoing software project.

Starting May 2016, we are launching our new system. At this time, we provide services to our customers through the Bid Collection, e-Bidding and Expense Analysis modules. In 2017 we will also introduce new modules such as Supplier Relationship Management, Catalog and Demand Management, Contract Management.

With our new system, which meets the needs of flexibility, performance and mobile usage, we have become able to offer purchasing solutions to our potential overseas customers as well as domestic customers.

In this respect, our priority target in 2017 is to expand our service network by introducing new modules and to increase our efficiency in foreign m

Translated from http://purchasingturkiye.com